Launch Form - AIC Grant Application Intake 1 - 2024-2025

APPLICATION FORM for AIC Grant Application 


Application Deadline Tuesday, May 28th at 11:59pm 

This form is the application launch form. Once you start an application, you will be able to save it on the next page.

IMPORTANT! Please read AIC Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions before completing this application form. You can download the AIC Guidelines from and view the FAQ at the bottom of the webpage. 


Please note that all communication regarding this grant will go to the one Applicant listed here.

School Information
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Project Information
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Must be between September 2024  - June 2025

Must be between September 2024  - June 2025

Your project can take place any time from September 2024 - June 2025 during the 2024-25 School Year. You will be notified of your funding success by early-mid September. 

All documents submitted to ArtStarts in Schools become the property of ArtStarts. Personal information is collected in accordance with the British Columbia Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) for the purpose of evaluation and assessment for awarding grants and to meet program objectives. Your application information along with artist CVs will be shared in confidence with members of the adjudication jury. ArtStarts will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of personal information in each application. Project details from Sections A and B from award recipients may be published along with the amount of the award in the ArtStarts Annual Report as well as in various communications and promotional vehicles of ArtStarts and the BC Arts Council.

When you click "Launch Full Application Form" you will open the full application form linked to the school and applicant. You can then save your application to work on later.

On the next page, click the Save/Resume Form Link on the upper right hand corner of the page. You will be emailed a link to re-open your application.